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The pool loungers are deck chairs that are placed by the pool for sunbathing or relaxing. Naturally, this general category does not include only the classic deckchairs, but a whole series of seats suitable for this particular space. The pool lounger becomes essential to offer a space next to the pool complete with every comfort because the latest models have been made thinking precisely of the needs of those who use them.


The pool bed first of all it allows you to lie comfortably, the height adjustment allows you to assume different positions, ideal for reading and relaxing. Equipped with a sun canopy, the pool bed allows you to stay lying in the sun by sheltering your head. In addition, in most cases, they are also equipped with comfortable wheels that allow them to be easily moved from one corner of the pool to another. Behind the adjustable backrest, some models have a storage space that is very useful for storing personal effects. So far we have listed a series of features that distinguish all pool loungers in a general way. However, some have elements that make them even more comfortable. The presence of armrests certainly increases comfort while lying down, as well as a small side compartment to place a drink. The material is another fundamental element. In the classic version they are mainly made with rigid canvas, which favors a comfortable seat. The most innovative loungers also see the use of natural materials, often intertwined, which give the pool lounger not a classic rigid shape but rather an ergonomic one, which adapts well to your body. Plastic is another material that has been introduced in the garden furniture category for some time. Sunbeds made of plastic are first of all waterproof and then they are made in any color. All this contributes to making the pool furniture certainly more modern. Often the pool bed is accompanied by a pillow. Until recently these were traditional cushions, while today it is possible to choose them in the waterproof version so that they can also be kept by the pool. These are important precautions that make the space more comfortable to make it live to the full. The pool lounger considered to be the most elegant and particular is the one made of wrought iron, while the most commonly used one is made of plastic and does not have any particular shape. We focus on the particularity of the shapes to introduce the theme of design in garden furniture, since the shapes tend to differentiate more and more, bearing in mind the need to offer a comfortable and relaxing seat. The pool lounger thus becomes a strongly characterizing element of the outdoor space, which certainly suits those who love the taste of contemporary style.

Where to buy

THE pool loungers they can be purchased at outdoor furniture stores. Anyone looking for a design pool lounger must go to a well-stocked shop and if you have a specific model in mind, you should contact the manufacturer directly to have the nearest dealer indicated. When buying pool loungers usually they are all bought of the same model, to create a rather uniform space. If the shop does not have the required number, these will have to be ordered and you will have to wait the necessary time before delivery. Internet is another good way to buy pool loungers. Here you can find all kinds and models, and for those who do not want to buy online, the network can always show itself as an excellent showcase to learn about the news on the market.

Pool loungers: Costs

Traditional pool loungers made of plastic are the ones that cost less when compared to designer loungers. There are several factors that affect the difference in cost, including the choice of material and the desire to choose a product that has something exclusive. Each customer will also decide on the basis of the style already present in the garden what will be the most suitable type of sunbed, considering that it is an indispensable seat by the pool and that often, if you also host friends, it will be necessary to buy a sufficient number. so that everyone has their own session. The cost of the pool bed certainly increases if it is accompanied by a pillow, which if it is not waterproof should be placed every evening in a chest to prevent it from being damaged due to sudden downpours.

Sunbeds and deck chairs

Saturno multi-position sunbed in green resin

Beach chair with Trolley wheels

Anthracite "Thesis" folding deckchair

Saturno multi-position sunbed in white resin

CMI lemon garden deckchair

CMI gray garden deckchair

Folding beach chair Spiaggina verde

"Chelsea" Eucalyptus Cot

Garden daybed with roof, lime color

Folding deckchair Zero Gravity gray polyester

Gray folding cot

Garden sunbed with roof, gray color

CMI folding beach and camping chair

Summer aluminum beach

Mallorca beige beach bed

Maiorca gray beach bed

4 Positions Aluminum Lounger

Goliath XXL cot i Giganti series

Mykonos sunbed with high seat

Petrol green "Thesis" folding deckchair

3 Positions Aluminum Lounger

Two-position tilting bed

Multiposition armchair with zero gravity effect

Two-position tilting bed

Sunbed with double backrest

Sunbed with double backrest

No Gravity multiposition armchair in textilene with headrest

Turtledove and Anthracite Relaxation Deckchair Oasi by EMU

Folding bamboo beach chair

Folding beach and camping chair with CMI armrests

CMI folding garden deckchair

Folding beach chair Spiaggina Orange

CMI folding cot blue

Stiliac replacement towel for Corallo white sunbed

Stiliac replacement towel for sun lounger Corallo verde

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Beds, deck chairs and armchairs: BIZETA ALLUMINIO srl products

After many years of activity, our goal is always to improve the quality of our products: sun loungers, deck chairs and armchairs, for the sea, for the garden, for the beach, for the swimming pool, for the garden and for the outdoors.
We have always been in step with technology, while maintaining the functional processing precautions unchanged over time, to give the customer patented products.
Collaboration with the customer is fundamental for us, to satisfy the needs of consumers in the best possible way.
The excellence of the products Bizeta Aluminum srl it also begins with the choice of raw materials, selected according to the strictest quality standards.

2 positions

Anodized aluminum sunbed with roof, in two positions without brackets.

4 positions

Anodized aluminum sunbed with roof, four positions without brackets.


Anodized aluminum sunbed with roof, three positions without brackets, economic version.

Anodized aluminum sunbed with roof, 4 positions without brackets.


Anodized aluminum sunbed with roof, three positions without brackets.

Film director

Director's chair in anodized aluminum.


Anodized aluminum chair, adjustable in two positions.


Anodized aluminum sunbed with roof, four positions without brackets.


Anodized aluminum sunbed with roof, four positions without brackets.

Deckchair with armrest

Anodized aluminum deck chair with armrest, three positions.

Deckchair without armrest

Anodized aluminum deckchair without armrest, with three positions.


Anodized aluminum sunbed with roof, four positions without brackets.


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Share capital € 100,000
declared and paid
Registered in the R.I. of Forlì-Cesena
REA number: FO - 0121822

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47020, Longiano (FC)
Tel. 0547.665035
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[email protected]
Sales office mail [email protected]

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Castore and Polluce, our king size beds with backrest adjustable in four positions, they are real outdoor beds able to offer maximum comfort. The linear shapes and contemporary design make them perfect for any furnishing style. The color of the structure and the texline fabric in PVC fabric are available in various colors, from white to anthracite to pastel colors.

The cot Ulysses together with the deck chair Athena they are the typical furnishings chosen by bathing establishments and swimming pools for their anodized aluminum structure, practical, stackable, light but at the same time robust.

The Ulisse line is enriched by Ulisse VIP which differs from the classic Ulysses for a larger size in terms of width and length which corresponds to about a square and a half. Ulysses Design completes the line with a more harmonious and contemporary shape that contributes to giving originality to environments of all kinds from the swimming pool, to the spa to the large green spaces of hotels and resorts.

For all bed models it is possible to add Icaro, the polyurethane foam sponge mattress covered with dyed acrylic fabric in countless color combinations to choose from.

Garden or pool loungers: all the design proposals by Ethimo

Comfortable, elegant and practical, ideal for relaxing outdoors, i garden beds of Ethimo are suitable to satisfy any need for comfort and design. The proposals of sun loungers of Ethimo are very wide among the proposals to relax in the garden, or by the pool, teak or metal beds, with comfortable backrests waterproof fabric mattresses, large and spectacular lounge bed and comfortable deckchair or chaise longue, stackable, folding, reclining garden beds with wheels. Many ideas in the name of functionality, aesthetics and design to furnish and enjoy the best moments of relaxation outdoors.

Sunbeds, alcoves, lounge beds and swings: a dip in relaxation

Alongside the traditional beds, the Ethimo collection also offers several lounge beds, alcoves or garden beds, spacious and comfortable, to relax outdoors.
The garden beds they often have canopy structure and are wrapped in white curtains in semitransparent fabric, which shelter from the wind and create an intimate and reserved space. They have adjustable backrests and soft cushions. They are scenographic furnishing elements for private and contract spaces in which to enjoy exclusive relaxation.

Deck chairs and sun loungers

Deck chairs and sun loungers to tan and relax in the garden and on board pool, lying down for maximum relaxation or comfortably seated to read or chat with friends.

The proposals in the catalog are in aluminum, wood and resin, with different finishes and features: from the roof to the pull-out table, from the fixed backrest to the adjustable one in several positions.

Among the articles you will find design models, Made in Italy, we offer floating models or models with sinuous shapes, seen in numerous installations of television programs, elegant and of high quality.

Fabrics and resin available in different colors.

To meet all needs, even for bathing facilities and public facilities, you will also find articles for people with disabilities.

Among the most innovative proposals we point out the sunbeds in synthetic grass with wooden structure.

You can also contact us for the purchase of other beach accessories, such as:

  • Beach umbrella ashtray
  • Sunbed ashtray (Sunbed ashtray)
  • Beach umbrella table
  • Beach deck tile
  • Beach fence (PVC fence).

Here you will find our selection of aluminum sun loungers, the perfect material to meet the needs of professionals who work in bathing establishments, swimming pools and hotels, as well as those of private individuals, for the free beach, the garden or even just the balcony.

The sun lounger is an extremely popular, practical and comfortable product for relaxing in the summer. It is very common to have one in your home: anyone with a terrace, a garden or even just a balcony probably owns a sun lounger. Today, thanks to new technologies, we can have ultralight sun loungers made of aluminum. Thanks to the composition, in fact, today's sun loungers certainly have an extra gear.

The aluminum sun loungers combine lightness and resistance to wear and atmospheric agents. For a bathhouse that makes intensive use of professional sun loungers, this means being able to rely on a supply of aluminum sun loungers for many years. And if the fabric was made of textilene, another eternal material, resistant to wear, atmospheric agents and UV rays, then we will have a high quality sun lounger in our hands.

Even if we don't usually go to the beach, you can still enjoy the benefits of an aluminum sun lounger. If we decide to invest in an aluminum sun lounger for the garden or the pool, for example a SANTORINI, we are sure that it will not be subject to the weather on the beach. Therefore, it will not suffer the negative effects of salt, rain and humidity. At the end of the season you can then store your aluminum sun lounger in a garage or storage room.

The aluminum of our beds is always anodized to improve its quality and is also always combined with other components of the same quality standard, such as textilene. An aluminum sun lounger designed in this way will therefore be resistant to wear, UV, water repellent, very light, washable and much more. Discover now our entire offer of aluminum sun loungers!

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